• Lomas de Mismaloya, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Casa Valerie - Valerie Neblett's Dream Villa in Mexico

In 1980, Valerie Neblett and her husband, Robert, made their first trip to Puerto Vallarta to their timeshare at the Costa Vida Resort on the south side of Puerto Vallarta. Totally enamored with the area, they explored further south and found themselves in Mismaloya. Deciding this was a place they wanted to spend more time, they scouted the area and found a lot for sale that had the most amazing views of the Bay of Banderas, the mountains, jungle and the little beach side community of Mismaloya.


They approached Ricardo Applegate, a local builder, and Christina Duque, a respected architect to draw up plans and build their tropical home. All of this happened on a seven day vacation while Valerie was six months pregnant with her son, Sterling.

When their whirlwind vacation was over, Valerie and Robert flew back home dreaming about their new “casita” that would be built in the Lomas de Mismaloya. (Hills of Mismaloya). To get things going, they flew architect Christina Duque to their home in Louisiana to put their dream into motion and finalize plans. Not long after Christina departed back to Puerto Vallarta with plans in hand, little Sterling was born and ground was broken in Mismaloya. As Sterling grew, so did their two bedroom casita south of the border.

In 1981, Casa Valerie was completed and the Neblett's made their way south to christen their new home and introduce Sterling to the place where years later, he would celebrate his marriage to Brooke.


Looking back to the early 80's, Valerie has fond memories of their first years in Casa Valerie. “The town (Puerto Vallarta) was precious. No traffic lights, no traffic, people greeted one another and always stopped to chat. Every day was lazy, only going out on trips to the market for supplies, a jaunt to the beach and sunset dinners every night on our terrace over looking the Bay.” she reminisces. "Sterling loved his trips to Casa Valerie, loved playing in the gentle surf, the fresh fruit and how everyone loves a baby in Mexico. He thrived on all of the attention."


Those first years, the Neblett's celebrated many Holidays and birthdays at Casa Valerie, including a few Christmases where Robert dressed up as Santa Claus to prove to Sterling that his sleigh even traveled as far as Mexico. “The Holidays were always an amazing experience.” Valerie remembers. “Sterling and his younger brother, Jefferson, would be so excited to escape the cold winters and celebrate in a tropical paradise. The only time we could get them out of the pool was to unwrap gifts!” she laughs. “They would return back to school, sun kissed and happy and we would return back to our daily life well rested and energized.” Jefferson shares equally fond memories of vacations in Puerto Vallarta and at Casa Valerie including the plethora of friends and family that joined the Neblett's in their tropical paradise.


In early 2001, Casa Valerie changed and grew. Formerly a two bedroom, two bath home, Valerie envisioned a much grander Villa and renovations soon began. With design in her background, Valerie wanted the view of Los Arcos and the Bay of Banderas to be the focal point of the Villa.


Changing a two bedroom home into a luxurious seven bedroom, eight and half Villa took a bit of creativity and a few pockets full of change. Valerie's touch is found throughout the Villa, from the exquisite wrought iron gate that welcomes you to the clean lines of the living area and sumptuous bedding in the bedrooms. A copper soaking tub adorns one of the rooms, a natural rock shower with ocean views in another and the master bedroom offers amazing panoramic views right from bed.

Valerie Neblett - A Visionary

Valerie's love of salsa dancing and Latin culture is also apparent throughout the Villa from the splashes of vibrant colors to the immense works of art. When Valerie is not in residence, she is often traveling the world and attending salsa competitions.


Boasting over 5000 square feet of terraces and a large infinity swimming pool, Casa Valerie was the ideal location for Sterling and Brooke Neblett's wedding. Sadly, Robert passed away from Pancreatic cancer before he could see the newly expanded Casa Valerie and to celebrate the wedding of his son who virtually grew up there.


Valerie looks wistful as she speaks of Robert's passing and the sweet memories of her son's special day at Casa Valerie. “Oh, he would have been so proud,” says Valerie. “To have the child we created together, get married at the home we built together, surrounded by our friends and family.”

Casa Valerie, once a small home filled with love is now a 15,000+ square foot villa made with love. It sleeps up to 20 guests very comfortably and is known for hosting some of the most luxurious parties and weddings in the Bay.

A fully stocked gourmet kitchen, professional gas grill and multiple dining areas make it ideal for hosting events. Full staff is available as well as sensory packages and a concierge to fill all your needs.

Casa Valerie is also pet friendly as Valerie understands that for many vacationers, their pets are a part of their family and like to include them in their Holiday plans. As well, Casa Valerie and Villa Real del Mar (Another luxury Villa owned by Valerie Neblett) are open to having Spring Breakers as guests. Not many Villa owners are willing to host Spring Breakers but Valerie's sons have hosted many Spring Break groups at both Villas with great success.


"Spring Breakers often have a bad reputation” said Valerie. ”But what many Villa owners do not realize is that there are many Spring Breakers that have the economic means to rent a Villa and have the maturity to enjoy it without wrecking havoc.” “Sure they can be noisy but most nights they are out in the clubs and only use the pool during the day. We reserve a damage deposit and let them know what is expected of them and so far, we have not had any problems. In fact, our boys often brought down as many as 150 of their college mates from Boston College and they stayed here and at Villas all around us.”


After exploring both Villas, it is apparent that they are not only incredibly luxurious but that they are also comfortable. Each Villa has their own unique features that fit almost any lifestyle and vacation needs. The hardest part is deciding which one is the right vacation rental for you. If you are unsure, contact Valerie who will assess your personal needs and wants and set you up with a lifetime of memories at one of her properties.

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